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Administrator account
The Administrator (or admin) is a user of the technology who has escalated privileges. Admins can manage users, view dashboards at the organizational and individual user level, and geolocation.
Authorized location
Specified geolocation from which an authorized user can access a protected file. Geolocations can be city, country, zip code, or latitude/longitude coordinates. The data owner defines the geolocation for the protected file.
Authorized time period
An Authorized time period (or "time embargo" or "time window") is the date and time during which a file can be accessed by an Authorized User. The file's Data Owner defines the Authorized Time Period.
Authorized user
A recipient with access to the secured data file. The data owner defines the authorized users.
Edit mode
The Authorized User can view and edit the data in a protected view with limited capabilities. Users can make changes, copy, paste, and save the modifications but cannot screen share or save an unprotected copy. For more information, see User authorization mode.
Data owner
A user that encrypts the file with Keyavi and maintains control of that data throughout its lifecycle from the Data Management Console.
Full Access mode
The recipient can view and edit the data in its native application. For more information, see User authorization mode.
Full User Group
A Keyavi-licensed user account with full technology functionality to both open and create new intelligent data and the options to have Edit or Full Access modes, or both to data. In addition, a user with a Full User Group account can access the portal to view dashboards, data management, clients, and profile settings.
IKD file
Short for "Intelligent Keyavi Data" and is the file extension for a Keyavi-protected file. This file has multiple layers of encryption and policy-based rulesets infused into the data itself, making it self-protecting, intelligent, and self-aware.
Windows desktop application that's a lightweight software interface that provides a user-friendly, intuitive interaction with Keyavi's technology. It allows users to create new and open intelligent files and manage settings easily.
Read-only mode
The recipient can only access the data contents in a protected viewer without the ability to edit, copy, paste, screen share, or screen capture. For more information, see User authorization mode
Read-only account
A Read-only account is a restricted Keyavi-licensed user account that only allows for Read-only mode. In other words, a user with a Read-only account can view Keyavi-protected data but cannot create new data. Unlike external users, Read-only mode users can access the portal to view dashboards, data management, and settings.