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Keyavi Desktop

  • Table of contents (TOC): Lists all the topics or subjects specific to the User Guides and Admin Guide.
  • Main content page: Shows the entirety of the topic selected in the Table of contents. The topic is in markdown format.
  • Mini TOC: Lists the subtopics of the topic selected in the Table of contents. This list shows heading levels 2 and 3 from the topic.

Header (top navbar)

Keyavi Desktop

  • Logo: Defaults to the home page at
  • User Guides: Goes to the "What is Keyavi technology?" topic in the user guide portion of the system. This is for general use of the product, sans the Keyavi Administrator tasks.
  • Admin Guide: Goes to the "Overview" topic in the admin guide portion of the system. This is for Keyavi Administrators.
  • FAQs: Goes to the "General" section of the FAQ topic. This has general and Keyavi Admin questions. No sales-related questions are listed.
  • Glossary: Goes to the list of Keyavi-specific glossary terms.
  • Help: Goes to the "how-to" page for using the online help system.
  • Version: Shows a list of versions to select from.
  • Theme: Toggle between light and dark themes.
  • Search: Use keywords or phrases across the entire site. In addition to the search bar, you can also search content using tags.

Where to get more help

If you need help with your Keyavi app, contact [email protected] with the following:

  • Email subject line: Online Keyavi Support Request
  • Body of email: Description of the question or concern. If this is about an issue you're having, please include as much detail as possible including error messages.
  • Best contact: Provide your preferred method of contact.

Stay up to date

Read the release notes for the new versions of Keyavi.


For the latest news about Keyavi, follow @keyavi on Twitter and the official Keyavi blog.