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What is Keyavi technology?

Keyavi technology is a data protection platform that wraps your data with multiple layers of encryption and user-defined policies. As a result, your data becomes self-protecting, smart or intelligent, and self-aware.

Why is it called "smart" or "intelligent" data?

Let's say, for example, you have a Microsoft Word file, and you want to protect it. Keyavi takes the information about your data, which we call payload, and encrypts it with AES technology. This creates the Intelligent Keyavi Data (IKD) file structure, resulting in smart or intelligent data.

Keyavi embeds encryption and policy-based protection directly into the data, making the IKD files transport agnostic. In other words, data owners can share files through any method, for example, by attaching them to emails, uploading them to cloud services, or storing them on a USB drive. Authorized recipients can also share the files with those same methods. Still, the file will only be accessible by other authorized recipients specified by the data owner.

Keyavi features

Keyavi protects your data at the data level so that your data is secure and under your control wherever it goes, whoever has it and when, not if, your data is breached or accidentally shared to unauthorized users so that you can share your data freely and securely.

  • Protect files and control who has access to them

  • Prevent screen capture and video recording of documents

  • Remove access from previously shared data

  • Allow access by authorized locations and users

  • Set a time limit for when access to the data begins and expires

  • Exclude geolocations known for threat activities

  • Protect specific directories with Intelligent Directory

  • View the entire lifecycle of Keyavi-protected data (chain of custody)

Keyavi suite of applications

The Keyavi suite of applications provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface to help you maintain complete control of your protected data.

Keyavi DesktopDesktop application (Windows only)A user-friendly, intuitive Windows desktop application to help you maintain complete control of your protected data. Add-ins for the Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, allow seamless integration of the Keyavi technology directly into the Microsoft ecosystem.
Keyavi WebWeb browserNot all users can download and install Keyavi, so Keyavi offers a web client to protect and open IKD files. Keyavi Web allows read-only access. The only difference is that you won't be able to right-click on files to protect or decrypt them.
Keyavi ViewerWeb browserA web version.
Keyavi PortalWeb browserAn administration portal for data owners to monitor and manage their protected data. It's also the backend for the Keyavi User, Policy, and Security Administrators.

Keyavi Viewer provides the external user read-only access to Keyavi protected data.