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Data Management

As a Security Administrator, you’ll use the Data Management Console to recall files, modify access, add users, and add policy requirements on all the protected data a user has created.


As a Keyavi administrator, the Keyavi Portal is where you can manage data and users. You can also view various dashboards and define policies, geolocation settings, and user permissions.


As a Policy Administrator, you can add, modify, remove, or exclude geolocations. When a data owner selects Office as the authorized location, all locations in this list are included as authorized locations. For example, you can have locations for headquarters, satellite offices, and home offices. All Authorized Locations are identified by country, state, zip code, or street address.


As a Policy Administrator, you can define which directories are protected with Intelligent Directory™. You can also allow authorized users to access Keyavi-protected data without an internet connection.

User Management

As a User or Security Administrator, you'll use the User Management Console to manage users within the organization, like add or remove users, modify permissions, and drill down into a user's dashboard.