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Keyavi Viewer

The Keyavi Viewer is a web app used for opening files protected by Keyavi.

Accessing Keyavi Viewer as an external user

You can add an external user only from Keyavi Desktop. You'll need to get the link to Keyavi Viewer from your Administrator.

At the Access Authorization screen, select External and then add an external user. Keyavi Viewer

Keyavi Viewer authenticates only with a registered email address.

Using Keyavi Viewer

  1. Register your email address for using the Keyavi Viewer application.

    Keyavi Web Portal


    Make sure to allow Keyavi Viewer to access your location; otherwise, the file won't appear. External users can open standalone IKD files directly from Keyavi Viewer. You'll need to share the link to the Viewer with external users. The link to Keyavi Viewer is created during deployment, and isn't displayed in Keyavi Applications.

  2. Click Select A File, select the IKD file, and click Open.


    You can also drag and drop the file onto the Select an .IKD file or drag here section.

    Keyavi Web Portal

  3. Click Decrypt. The file automatically opens in a separate web browser tab.

    Keyavi Web Portal


    To go back to Keyavi Viewer, click Go Back.

    Keyavi Web App.